Water Renew - Recycling Pool Water
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Pool Water Recycling

With 10 Years in the pool service industry, providing everything from cleaning residential and commercial pool accounts to overseeing the building of new pools and remodeling of old ones; I have seen how the drought has really affected the servcie and maintenance of pools. I have seen an increase in customer's issues due to hard water and high levels of problem minerals in their pool that make cleaning and maintenance more difficult. Due to water rationing and wanting to avoid water wasate, draining and re-filling a pool is not a viable or preferred solution to these issues. After searching for an answer to these problems, I have found a great solution in The PuriPool Process water treatment system. I am excited to bring this option to Ventura County and provide pool owners a choice other than having to live with old water in their pool or throw water down the drain. I look forward to serving you soon.


Puri-Pool Process

The mobile filtration trailers were constructed because they solve two major issues that we are currently dealing with in the Southwest United States. They can handle lowering hardness minerals in swimming pools and they can also help with water conservation. We have a ton of swimming pools in this region and one of the biggest problems we all have is the calcium hardness in our fill water. Our tap water is extremely “hard” and over time calcium and other hardness minerals gradually build up and start scaling the water tile line, the liner of the swimming pool, spillways, water features and filtration equipment. This happens because as water evaporates, the hardness minerals remain in solution and increase in concentration. Typically, most pool professionals will tell you to do a typical drain and refill. The challenge with this is not only do you fill the water up with hard water but you also needlessly waste thousands of gallons of water. That’s why we started manufacturing mobile filtration trailers that are equipped with Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration to lower calcium hardness, total dissolved solids (TDS), cyanuric acid (CYA) and so much more while conserving 85% of the existing water in the swimming pool!